Factory sales in connection with interesting tour!

Small or large groups up to 90 people are welcome, – for the guest always a more experience-rich point in a tour program!


Guests of a touring busses are always welcome, even in the evening!

From where the bubbles are coming out the bottle – and more to see!

How do the bubbles get into the bottle, this question you might have asked yourself, when you have opened up a bottle of sparkling wine with a loud bang. In the Sektmanufaktur Dirk Kesslerin Wintrich at the river Mosel in Germany near Bernkastel-Kues, you will get an answer to this question.


Tour and tasting with explainations


Here an old handicraft is practised and only particularly chosen wines are used in order to carry out improving of wines to sparkling wine. In the old curved cellars the basic wines are stored in the bottles on the yeast, in order to ripen to sparkling wine for at least 1,5–2 years. The classical method of fermentation in the bottle, as well called as “methode champenoise«, is used. The guests can experience how the yeast is carefully shaken down
into the bottle neck.

But the most impressive highlight is, when yeast will be thrown out by the gas of the bottle accompanied with a loud “bang«.

Glance into the tasting room …

Cosy atmosphere … and friendly people in the staff will ensure the satisfaction of our guests!

Ein Blick in unsere Weinstube

Our tasting room

Glance into the cellar!

Even large groups (up to 90 People) will find space in order to listen during the tasting to the comments in (fairly) decent English. Short or extensively tours with some cheese or a small meal are possible.

Die Besucher verfolgen mit Interesse den Ausführungen des Kellermeisters.

Our guests in a tasting!

Tours for large or small groups possible

Everything around the world of sparkling wine will be told our guests on a tour (30–60 minutes, depending how the people like it) through the impressive cellars. The explanation are of course instructively and interesting. But as well some funny stories from the region, from the people living here or from the wine will insure a loosen atmosphere.

Gäste stehen um das Rüttelpult und lasse sich die Sektherstellung erklären.

Guests in the cellar, listening to the facts!

During a tasting it is possible, that our guest will be convinced by the quality of the sparkling wine.

In the small tasting room wine and distillates can be offered. A small meal can be arranged, if you like.

An individual program can be organised either by Phone, Fax or use our form via e-mail. Groups should be registered ahead! Tours on Saturday or Sunday are possible.