Our Service – see what we can offer to you.

  • You will celebrate your anniversary of your company?

    We like to deliver the necessary sparkling wine with a label of your company!

  • You have activities at an exhibition?

    We have the sparkling wine to fit this event!

  • Birthday, wedding or silver wedding?

    There is always a reason to drink high quality sparkling wines – please ask us!

  • Any other happening – no decent sparkling wine in the house?

    We deliver within Germany following our conditions: starting from 18 bottles suppliedwe deliver free out of charge using with the DPD Parcelservice.

  • You are a landlord or restaurant operator and you like to have a house brand for you bar?

    Please ask us for our wholesale conditions, we will advise you seriously!

  • You have an touring bus company and you need an interesting point of program on your bus journey?

    We are a serious partner for you and we like to offer an interesting program program with plenty of alternatives, when you will come to the Moselle-valley. Your guest will learn about sparkling wine in the cellar, they can drink in the cellar and they will laugh in the cellar … let us take care about it! Are you curious? … then follow here!

  • Any other trip with people?

    The Moselle, the wineries and the Sektmanufaktur Dirk Kessler are happy to welcome you!