There are basically three methods of sparkling wine production. There is a distinction between the categories fermentation in pressuretanks, Transversiermethod and the classical method of bottle fermentation.

The latter method is practiced in Sektmanufaktur Dirk Kessler and is regarded worldwide as the best and most gentle method of sparkling wine production.

Sparkling wine is always formed by a second fermentation of the wine. In the method of tankfermentation this second fermentation takes place in large pressure tanks and is bottled in backpressure with great hourly output.

In using the transversiermethod the second fermentation takes place in bottles as well. But the sparkling wine is taken out of these bottles, filtered and transferred into new bottles.

The classical method is characterized in that the sparkling wine will not leave the bottle. The bottle serves as a small fermentation tank. The yeast will be moved due vibration into the bottle neck by using special oak shelfs. Later on the yeast is taken out from the bottle.